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Brand : Chicco

Chicco Sterilizer Sterilnatural 2 In 1

Chicco Sterilizer Sterilnatural 2 In 1

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Product Description:- 
Chicco Sterilizer 2 In 1 Fits The Needs Of Both Mother And Child. It Allows You To Sterilize The Objects Effectively By Eliminating 99.9% Germs Safely And Naturally With The Help Of Steam.  You Can Choose From The Two Different Configurations- Full Size, Compact Based On The Number Of Objects To Be Sterilized. The Bottles/Objects Remain Disinfected Up To 24 Hours Till The Time The Lid Is Closed. Also, With Its Automatic Safe Stop Feature, The Sterilizer Switches Off Automatically After The Completion Of The Cycle. Compatible With Most Baby Bottles, Breast Pump And Accessories, It Is A Safe And Natural Way To Sterilize As It Uses Steam That Does Not Compromise The Product Quality.

Advantages Of Chicco Sterilizer Sterilnatural 2 In 1:-
—�    The Chicco Sterilizer Sterilnatural 2 In 1 Assist In Simplifying The Mother'S Daily Task Of Sterilization And Eliminates Germs Naturally, Safely, And Effectively With The Help Of Its Steam Technology. 
—�    Thanks To The Safe Stop Feature, It Offers Simplicity As The Chicco Sterilizer Requires Minimal Human Intervention. The Lesser The Requirement Of Human Intervention, The More The Baby Products Are Untouched And Safe. Compared To The Traditional Sterilization Process, Chicco Sterilizer Offers Convenience And Ease Of Use. 
—�    It Is A Fast And Effective Solution For Mothers Because It Allows To Sterilize Maximum Of 6 Feeding Bottles And Their Teats In Full Mode. Also, It Can Help Sterilize Breast Pumps, And Accessories, In One Go. 
—�    After Sterilizing, The Baby Utensils Come Out Clean, Disinfected, And 99.9% Germ-Free. Hence, Unlike The Traditional Sterilization Process, The Objects Don'T Require Rinsing Anymore. 
—�    The Chicco Baby Bottle Sterilizer Also Comes With A Cover To Ensure That The Objects Are Clean And Disinfected Till Such Time The Lid Is Closed.
—�    The Chicco Sterilizer Is Styled In A Modern Way To Adapt To Your Kitchen'S. The Incredible Colour Tone Allows For It To Blend Well. 
—�    The Micro-Wave Configuration Keeps In Check Your Baby'S Needs Whenever You Are Thinking About Travelling. The Compact Design Allows For It To Fit Anywhere, For Instance, Your Car Trunk. 

The Chicco Bottle Sterilizer Is Compatible With All Chicco'S Feeding Bottles, Breast Pumps, And Other Chicco Accessories. The Upper Rack Is Meant For Cleaning Teats, While The Lower Frame Is Intended For Sterilizing Bottles And Other Baby Products. Well, The Chicco Sterilizer Cares Not Only For The Baby'S Safety And Comfort But For Yours As Well. Hence, The Chicco Sterilizer Sterilnatural 2 In 1 Is Fully Automatic And Doesn'T Require You To Keep Checking On It. It Is Safer For You Because You Don'T Have To Take Out The Bottles Immediately After Sterilizing, Unlike Traditional Sterilizing. The Fast And Natural Steam Sterilization Process Ensures That The Objects Are Cleaned Naturally And Safely. The New Line Of Sterilizers From Chicco Fits The Needs Of The Mother And The Baby Well. They Allow You To Choose From Several Configurations So That You Can Sterilize Your Baby'S Objects Efficiently And Quickly.


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Brand: Chicco


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