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Brand : Beaba

Beaba Glass Bottle With Sleeve - 210 Ml

Beaba Glass Bottle With Sleeve - 210 Ml

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2-In-1 Learning Glass Bottle With Silicone Cover Perfect For Encouraging Little Ones' Independence. Helps Little Ones To Learn To Drink By Themselves. Simple To Use, Evolves As The Child Grows And Is Made Of Healthy Material.


  • Easy To Use, Scalable And Made Of A Healthy Material.
  • 2 In 1: A Bottle Teat And A Soft Silicone Tip To Promote Transition And Learning, With 2 Rings For Easy Interchange.
  • Removable Silicone Cover: Protects The Glass Bottle And Ensures A Better Grip.
  • Removable Handles: Make It Easier For The Little Ones To Hold, They Can Be Removed Later, If Necessary.
  • 100% Waterproof: With Or Without Cap, It Does Not Leak.
  • Glass Body: Solid And Healthy Material
  • Glass Bottle And Teats Adaptable To Existing Products In The Range
  • Completely Removable: Hygienic, Easy To Clean.
  • Hygenic And Easy To Clean: Completely Removable Product.
  • Body And Head That Adapt To Other Products In The Range.
  • No Leaks


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Brand: Beaba


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